Extreme Series

Extreme Series

The Clopay Extreme™ Series combines high-strength durability with the ability to open at 24” per second. Powered by the robust LiftMaster opener, the Extreme™ Series- commercial doors are a great fit for emergency facilities, distribution center warehouses, car dealerships and much more. Manufactured with heavy duty hardware, these low maintenance sectional doors boast five times the spring life of an average commercial sectional door for optimal performance.

Standard Specifications

Max Width16'2"
Max Height14'0"
Max Door Weight1,000 lbs
Upward Travel24" per second
Downward Travel15" per second
StilesDouble end stiles (standard)
Glazing AvailableTempered, insulated tempered, acrylic and polygal
Springs*50,000 cycle standard
(Max cycles available on a single shaft line)
Track Size2" angle mount track standard
3" track where applicable
Track TypeStandard lift, high lift and full vertical
WarrantyStandard paint – 5 years
Color Blast® finish – 5 years
Material and workmanship – 1 year
Hardware – 1 year
*Cycles can vary depending on door configuration.

High Performance Door System Powered by LiftMaster

Extreme Opener

The Clopay Extreme™ Series High Performance Door System boasts an opening speed of 24" per second, allowing productivity to flourish while also delivering a flawless aesthetic thanks to optional full-view windows. Tandem nylon rollers improve roller life and reduce running noise for smooth, quiet operation while safety stays top of mind with enhanced features such as 3' of light curtain protection, a cable management system and standard cable tension monitor.

For operator specifications, click here.

Aluminum Full-View Doors

ModelThicknessSpacingR-ValueMax Width*Max Height*
EX9042-1/8"Equal width & spacing-24'2"20'0"
EX904U***2-1/8"Equal width & spacing3.8**20'2"20'0"

*Maximum Width and Height values listed are Standard sizing.
**With clear insulated glass
***With Clopay's proprietary polyurethane Intellicore insulation.

Insulated Steel Full-View Doors

Max Width✭Max Height✭
EX37292"Stucco27Minor RibbedPolyurethane***18.48.0Yes20'2"18'0"
EX37091-3/8"Stucco27 Minor RibbedPolyurethane***12.95.9Yes18'2"16'0"
EX37081-3/8"Stucco27 FlushPolyurethane***12.95.9Yes18'2"16'0"
EX32092"Stucco24 Minor RibbedPolystyrene9.14.4Yes20'2"18'0"
EX32082"Stucco24 FlushPolystyrene9.14.4Yes20'2"18'0"
EX31591-3/8"Stucco27 Minor RibbedPolystyrene6.53.4Yes18'2"16'0"
EX31581-3/8"Stucco27 FlushPolystyrene6.53.4Yes18'2"16'0"

*R-values calculated per DASMA TDS-163 on a solid door
**R-values calculated per DASMA TDS-163 using weighted average with 3/4" insulated glass.
***Clopay's proprietary polyurethane Intellicore insulation.
✭Maximum Width and Height values listed are Standard sizing.

Energy Series

ModelSection ThicknessEmbossExt. Steel PatternExt. Steel GaugeR-Value*Thermal BreakMax Width✭Max Height✭
EX32202"StuccoFlush20 Gauge9.1Thermally broken26'2"20'0"
EX32132"WoodgrainRaised panel24 Gauge9.1Thermally broken24'2"18'0"
EX32112"WoodgrainFlush24 Gauge9.1Thermally broken24'2"18'0"
EX32002"StuccoMinor ribbed24 Gauge9.1Thermally broken26'2"20'0"
ex31501-3/8"StuccoMinor ribbed27 Gauge6.5Thermally broken16'0"16'0"

*Calculated door section R-value is in accordance with DASMA TDS-163

Energy Series with Intellicore®

ModelThicknessEmbossExterior SteelPatternR-Value*Std Max Width**Std Max Height
37232"Woodgrain27 GaugeRaised Panel18.424'2"18'0"
37212"Woodgrain27 GaugeFlush18.424'2"18'0"
37202"Stucco27 GaugeMinor Ribbed18.440'2"20'0"
37171 3/4"Stucco27 GaugeMinor Ribbed16.224'2"20'0"
37181 3/4"Stucco27 GaugeFlush16.224'2"20'0"
37151 3/8"Stucco27 GaugeMinor Ribbed12.918'2"16'0"

Intellicore-IconClopay's proprietary polyurethane Intellicore® insulation
*Calculated door section R-value is in accordance with DASMA TDS-163
**For sizes over 32'2" wide consult factory for specific configuration requirements.

Operator Specifications

Motor Design1.25 HP configuration serving single phase
115V/230V and 3-phase 230V configurations
3-phase 460/575V available with accessory transformer
Wall ControllerSeparation of low and high voltage wiring - includes
functionality of 3-button station, PLUS
setting door profile, programming limits, diagnostics
ProgrammingComplete the following programming at floor level:
set limits; choose door profiles for speed;
set operating modes; select photo entrapment devices
DisplayProvides textual status indications including
- Absolute cycle count
- Service cycle count
- Diagnostics messages
- Door/operator status
Cycle CounterRe-settable cycle counter via the wall controller and/or through MyQ facility
Limit SettingsSimple electronic push-button setup via the wall controller


Aluminum Full-View Doors

Glazing Material Options

Clear Glass Glazing Material Clopay Garage Doors
Clear Glass
Gray Tinted Glass Glazing Material Clopay Garage Doors
Gray Tinted Glass
Bronze Tinted Clopay Garage Door Glazing Material
Bronze Tinted Glass
Mirrored Glass Glazing Material Clopay Garage Doors
Mirrored Glass*
Obscure Glass Glazing Material Clopay Garage Doors
Obscure Glass
White Laminate Glass Glazing Material Clopay Garage Doors
White Laminate Glass*
Black Laminate Glass
Black Laminate Glass*
Frosted Glass or Acrylic Glazing Material Clopay Garage Doors
Frosted Glass Or Acrylic
Clear Acrylic Clopay Garage Door Glazing Material
Clear Acrylic
Gray Acrylic Glazing Material Clopay Garage Doors
Gray Acrylic
White Acrylic Glazing Material Clopay Garage Doors
White Acrylic
Clear Polycarbonate Glazing Material Clopay Garage Doors
Clear Polycarbonate
Bronze Polycarbonate Clopay Garage Door Glazing Material
Bronze Polycarbonate
Aluminum Panel Color Match Clopay Glazing Material Garage Door Option
Aluminum Panel (Color Matched)

Extreme™ Series must have tempered glass

*Mirrored and laminate not available in 1/2"

Glass options above only available on full-view sections. Glass thickness available in 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2". Tri-wall polycarbonate thickness available in 5/8". Low-E available on insulated glass.

Color Options

Clear Aluminum Anodized
Clear Aluminum (Anodized)
Standard White
Standard White
Bronze (Painted)
Chocolate (Painted)
Bronze Anodized*
Black (Anodized)*
Dark Bronze Anodized*
Request Color Samples

*Additional cost and lead time may apply. The use of “Bronze (Painted)” is recommended due to slight color variation that may occur during the anodizing process.

Custom powder coat, Color Blast®, and anodized finishes available.

Premium finishing options include:

  • RAL color powder coat
  • 187 different powder coat offerings
  • Custom Colors with Color Blast ® Garage Door Paint System
  • Bronze, dark bronze, black or custom color anodized finishing

*Model EX904U is not available with powder coat finish.

Steel Insulated Full-View Doors

Glass Panel Options
Plain Short
19-1/2” x 16”
Plain Long
42” x 16”
Modern Slim Windows
Modern Slim Windows*
Color Options
Standard White
Desert Tan
Mocha Brown
Trinar® White*
Lustra Black*±
Lustra Charcoal*±
Lustra Silver*±

*Available on select models.
±Finish will have smooth texture.
Custom powder coat and Color Blast® finishes available.
Premium finishing options include:
  • Custom Colors with Color Blast® Garage Door Paint System
  • Bronze, dark bronze, black or custom color anodized finishing

Safety Features

  • UL325 Approved Light Curtain
  • Cable tension monitor
  • Optional wireless bottom safety edge


WindCode® reinforcement available up to W5 design pressure (DP) 36 PSF, depending on door size, configuration and exposure. Doors tested 50% greater than DP.


Avante Construction
Made of 2-1/8” durable commercial grade aluminum, making it virtually maintenance-free and long-lasting.
Avante Construction
Insulated models made of 2-1/8" durable commercial grade aluminum with polyurethane insulation
Section Joint
Tongue-and-groove with integral joint seal for further reduction of air and water infiltration.
Avante Construction
Smooth flat frame edge design for a more contemporary look.
Section Joint
Reinforcing fin included on doors wider than 14’. Doors 12’ and under do not use built-in reinforcing fin. Usage on widths 12’2” to 14’ depend upon glass weight. WINDCODE® doors may vary.

EX3700 Series


EX3200 Series



Brochure Extreme Series

Brochure Extreme Series

The Clopay® Extreme™ Series High Performance Sectional Door System boosts productivity and delivers on style.

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Brochure Extreme Series Fire Station Solution

Brochure Extreme Series Fire Station Solution

Designed with fire stations in mind, Extreme™ Series Sectional Doors are performance-forward, opening 3X faster than standard doors.

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Extreme Options
Double-End Stiles
Helps improve hinge longevity
Extreme Options
Lift Cable with Thimble
Thimble helps reduce wear and extend cable life
Extreme Options
Long stem tandem rollers provide longer roller life and quiet door operation
Extreme Options
Cable Snubber
Maintains tension on lift cable to prevent it from coming off of the drum
Extreme Options
Pusher Spring
Helps prevent cable slack. Provided with standard lift track.
WindCode® reinforcement available up to W8 design pressure (DP) 52 PSF, depending on door configuration. Doors tested 50% greater than DP.
Commercial Options
50,000 cycle spring standard
Option available for maximum cycles on a single shaft line
Springs are shot peened to improve resistance to fatigue