Architectural Series-Steel


Architectural Series-Steel

Clopay’s full-view series doors are ideal for commercial buildings requiring visibility, access to natural lighting and modern look. They're the perfect choice for everything from restaurants and fire stations to service stations and car dealerships. These overhead doors are available with aluminum or steel frame construction, providing options that ensure maximum durability and reliability. Customize your door with a wide variety of window, color, design and performance options.
Max Width✭Max Height✭
37292"Stucco27Minor RibbedPolyurethane***18.48.0Yes20'2"18'0"
37091-3/8"Stucco27 Minor RibbedPolyurethane***12.95.9Yes18'2"16'0"
37081-3/8"Stucco27 FlushPolyurethane***12.95.9Yes18'2"16'0"
32092"Stucco24 Minor RibbedPolystyrene9.14.4Yes20'2"18'0"
32082"Stucco24 FlushPolystyrene9.14.4Yes20'2"18'0"
31591-3/8"Stucco27 Minor RibbedPolystyrene6.53.4Yes18'2"16'0"
31581-3/8"Stucco27 FlushPolystyrene6.53.4Yes18'2"16'0"

*R-values calculated per DASMA TDS-163 on a solid door
**R-values calculated per DASMA TDS-163 using weighted average with 3/4" insulated glass.
***Clopay's proprietary polyurethane Intellicore insulation.
✭Maximum Width and Height values listed are Standard sizing.

Glass Panel Options
Plain Short
19-1/2” x 16”
Plain Long
42” x 16”
Modern Slim Windows
Modern Slim Windows*
Color Options
Standard White
Desert Tan
Mocha Brown
Trinar® White*
Lustra Black*±
Lustra Charcoal*±
Lustra Silver*±
Request Color Samples
*Available on select models.
±Finish will have smooth texture.
Custom powder coat and Color Blast® finishes available.
Premium finishing options include:
  • Custom Colors with  ColorBlast® Garage Door Paint System
  • Bronze, dark bronze, black or custom color anodized finishing
Performance Options Available
Commercial Options
Double-end hinge
Commercial Options
3" track
High Performance
High performance hardware features 10 gauge end hinges, heavy-duty top bracket and 3" sealed roller with 5/8" stem
Commercial Options
Exhaust port can be cut into any type of solid sectional door. Available in select sizes.
WindCode® reinforcement available up to W8 design pressure (DP) 52 PSF, depending on door configuration. Doors tested 50% greater than DP.
Extended Warranty
Upgrade your standard door with industrial-grade components.
Commercial Options
25,000, 50,000 or 100,000 cycle springs available.
Speciality Options Available
Carry-away, roll-away or swing-up mullions are available on select sizes.
Safe-T-Stop™ Chain Hoist
The Safe-T-Stop is a controlled descent sectional door hand hoist with an integral braking system allowing users to operate the door with confidence.

All of our Steel Insulated Door models come with the following:

Joint Design: Tongue and groove section with continuous foam thermal break prevents cold or heat from passing through the section
Paint System:3-stage paint process delivers maintenance free finish that resists rust perforation
Limited Warranty:10-year paint / 10-year delamination / 1 year material and workmanship / 1 year hardware

Model 3728/3729

Section Design/Emboss:(3728) 2” thick stucco embossed steel with flush exterior skin pattern
(3729) 2” thick stucco embossed steel with minor ribbed exterior skin pattern
Steel Gauge: 27 exterior; 27 interior


Model 3708/3709

Section Design/Emboss:(3708) 1 3/8” thick stucco embossed steel with flush exterior skin pattern
(3709) 1 3/8” thick stucco embossed steel with minor ribbed exterior skin pattern
Steel Gauge: 27 exterior; 27 interior


MODEL 3208/3209

Section Design/Emboss:(3208) 2” thick stucco embossed steel with flush exterior skin pattern
(3209) 2” thick stucco embossed steel with minor ribbed exterior skin pattern
Steel Gauge: 24 exterior; 27 interior


Model 3158/3159

Section Design/Emboss:(3158) 1 3/8” thick stucco embossed steel with flush exterior skin pattern
(3159) 1 3/8” thick stucco embossed steel with minor ribbed exterior skin pattern
Steel Gauge: 27 exterior: 27 interior



Brochure 3158-3159

Brochure 3158-3159

Steel insulated full view doors, models 3158 (stucco embossed, flush surface) and 3159 (stucco embossed, minor ribbed surface), are designed for use in commercial, retail, restaurant, and industrial facilities.

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Brochure 3728-3729

Brochure 3728-3729

Clopay Models 3728 (flush/no ribs) and 3729 (with minor ribs) are a smart choice for applications requiring visibility, natural light, strength, and energy efficiency.

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Brochure 3208-3209

Brochure 3208-3209

Models 3208 and 3209 provide visibility, natural light, and energy efficiency for commercial, retail, service, and industrial facilities.

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Brochure 3708-3709

Brochure 3708-3709

Models 3708 and 3709 offer visibility, natural light, energy efficiency, and durability with Intellicore® polyurethane technology.

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Safe-T-Stop Chain Hoist Brochure

Safe-T-Stop Chain Hoist Brochure

Our Safe-T-Stop Chain Hoist allows users to operate the door more safely.

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Commercial Hardware

Commercial door closures are manufactured with durable hardware to meet the demands of high-traffic environments. All of our doors include the standard hardware listed below. To view hardware upgrades, select the “Options” tab.

  • 14-gauge hinges
  • Commercial 10-ball steel rollers with options for nylon tire rollers
  • 10,000 cycle torsion springs
  • Steel step plate and lift handle for simplified operation
  • Inside slide lock for improved security
  • 19 gauge steel hinge support plates
  • 18-gauge single end stiles; 16-gauge double end stiles
  • Galvanized aircraft cables with 7:1 safety factory
  • 2” or 3” track in a variety of configurations to meet building design requirements
Commercial Track Applications

Commercial and industrial buildings often need to meet code requirements and ADA standards for space. Avoid wear and tear on overhead doors and mitigate safety risks by providing your client with the best overhead door track for their application. Clopay track solutions include standard lift, low headroom with a front or rear mount, follow roof pitch lift, full vertical lift, and combination options. Learn more

Commercial Torsion Springs

Commercial and industrial overhead garage doors vary in size, design, and operation. Your torsion spring ensures that your door withstands the test of time and maintains peak performance. Clopay torsion spring options can be designed for the industry standard of 10,000 cycles or can be upgraded to 25,000, 50,000, or 100,000 expected life cycles.  Click here for details

Model BIM Shop Drawing Specs Installation Manual Warranty
Model 3158 RFA PDF PDF
Model 3159 - PDF - PDF PDF
Model 3208 - PDF PDF
Model 3209 - PDF PDF
Model 3708 - PDF PDF
Model 3709 - PDF PDF
Model 3728 - PDF PDF
Model 3729 - PDF PDF
Model EX3159 - - - -